TED Talk on Mainstream Media – Human Rights

I was clicking around YouTube looking at a TED talk to watch and I came across this interesting video.

In it, Harry Fear, an English broadcast journalist discusses the realities of the mainstream media. He says, “When we turn on the news, we are often presented by an image of reality that is lacking in depth, clarity and humanity.”

He discusses his transition from a “media critic” in his teenage years to a “media maker” in his twenties. He comments that in the mainstream media is lacking passionate journalists and that passionate newsmakers are necessary in the current media landscape.

Something that he said in the beginning of the talk has resonated with me:

“Journalists should be biased for human rights.”

The statement made me reflect on everything I have learned about independent media over the past several months. When media outlets slant in the direction of power, rather than in the direction of human beings, there is a problem.

For example, in situations of war, when a mainstream media outlet is reporting the war and is clearing slanting in favor of military action and civilian lives are not considered, the media is doing a disservice to the people.

Journalism was created in order to challenge authority on these issues, not to support them in favor of monetary gain. It was created to protect the rights of humans and somehow it is not doing that anymore.

Maybe that is the root of media problems today. Journalists are slanting away from human rights.

TED Talk on Mainstream Media – Human Rights

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