I have only recently begun to explore the world of vloggers, a word which stems from “video bloggers.” I have always been much more interested in reading blogs, and still am, but I do enjoy watching the occasional vlog.

One of the most compelling vloggers I have watched is Ze Frank. Below is an example of one of his videos…

Clicking around the vlog world, it is apparent that many people try to make it as vloggers. With so many people attempting to make successful video blogs, I began to think about what makes a vlogger successful.

Looking at Ze Frank, it is apparent that he is interesting. He has a unique voice and overall look about him. He is well spoken and there is an artistry to the way he puts words together. He also has that not-blinking quirk going for him.

If a vlogger has a series of unique characteristics that make him or her interesting, he or she is more likely to connect with an audience. That seems to be what sets successful video bloggers apart. They use their personality and interests to connect with an audience.

Video blogging can become a useful asset in independent media. Vlogging creates an illusion of having a conversation with the blogger and it creates a new type of intimacy. It is a step closer to face-to-face interaction in the internet era. As independent continues to have a goal of creating community, video blogging on news organization websites could draw even more readership.


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