Crowdsourcing and Indie Media

I was particularly struck by the Washington Post article about the founding of Brave New Films and the use of crowdsourcing to fund films. In 2006, the film “Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers” was funded by contribution.

While reading this article I realized that in 2015 it is very common to see filmmakers asking for money to produce their films. There are fundraising pages all over the internet with people’s pitches. Students at Ithaca College use similar methods to fund their films. Crowdsourcing is currently a popular idea, but it wasn’t always.

The ability to reach out to a community for money is a powerful tool. Especially now with the vast reach of the internet, it is not necessary to be wealthy in order to successfully make a vision into a reality. This funding method is characteristic of modern independent media in that it is not pulling money from a higher source, but rather from a collaborative audience.

As the journalistic and artistic world becomes more connected, it will be interesting to see how else crowd funding is used. Will authors, painters, photographers and designers also be commonly fundraising for their project ideas? This could potentially revolutionize the way we look at content creation as a whole.

Crowdsourcing and Indie Media

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